Why I Joined Doppler

Why I Joined Doppler

Everyone truly holds themselves to high standards across the board, whether it's writing a clear piece of code, a descriptive commit message, or ...

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Over the course of my career, I've had the opportunity to tackle a variety of interesting problems. I've worked on a large enterprise eCommerce framework, architected solutions for Fortune 500 companies, designed and implemented a high throughput data ingestion and querying platform, and led the front-end team for a realtime, interactive webapp. In addition to growing as a software engineer at each role, the exposure to a wide variety of teams and technologies was instrumental in highlighting what I actually found important. I spent a lot of time reflecting on this prior to my last job search, and when I came across Doppler, I knew it was going to be a great fit.

Product and industry alignment

I love making developers more productive. Whether it's setting up development build tooling or refactoring particularly painful code paths, if I can make my teammates' lives easier, I'm all about it. I've also always been interested in computer security. The Best of 2600 has held a prominent spot on my bookshelf for over a decade, and I still fondly remember staying up late to finish all three of Stripe's CTFs.

Doppler lets me combine both of these passions. At every place I've worked, environment configuration & secrets management has been painful, and improving security always had an associated usability cost. It's a problem I deeply empathize with and one I'm genuinely interested in solving.

Day to day satisfaction

I built my first website in the 90s, complete with animated GIF backgrounds, iframes, and an under construction sign. A lot of things have changed in web development since then, but I've never lost the passion for building, and I knew that I wanted a role where I could spend the majority of my day coding. I've had back-end roles and front-end roles, but I'm happiest with variety, so a full-stack position is my sweet spot. In my four months here, I've gotten to build user-facing features like secrets rotation reminders and promotion, and I've also been entrusted with improvements to our tokenization system as well as leading our TypeScript and React migrations. I really do wake up each day excited to open my terminal and tackle work I find meaningful.

The team

Equally important to the work is the people you're working with - I wanted to find a company with friendly, detail-oriented engineers that value software quality. It was apparent from the first interviews that these were shared values, and I immediately knew it was a group of people I wanted to work with. Everyone truly holds themselves to high standards across the board, whether it's writing a clear piece of code, a descriptive commit message, or a thorough pull request review. This fosters a high trust and cooperative environment, and I'm grateful to be a part of it.

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